Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vagina (mine)

I like the word vagina.

Once a man told me not to call it that. He said it sounded so clinical. He said it was a turn off. I wondered why he thought it was appropriate for him to decide what I should call my vagina.

I like the word vagina. It's not loaded, there are no connotations.

It's a pussy if it's soft and accommodating and compliant. If it's amenable and unresisting.

It's a cunt when it's brazen and offensive and defiant.

I toyed around with euphemisms, nodded to propriety. When I was a teenager I used to call it "my lady parts" when talking with my grandmother. She thought I was daring for even mentioning it. Now, when we talk about woman things, I call it my vagina and she loves that I'm scandalous.

I cannot abide cutesy infantilization. Give me pussy or cunt any day, if you must, over va-jay-jay.

Mine is a vagina.